Brandon Medical looks after team during Covid-19

Brandon Medical – UK manufacturer and designer of world-leading technology for operating theatres, critical care areas & primary care

Operations Director Mike Rimmer, explained that Brandon Medical implemented a Covid-19 policy before lockdown began – doing essential work, it continued to operate throughout. The team held daily Cobra meetings with the executive team to oversee the company’s response to the pandemic. A critical issue for a medical supply company was to ensure supply chain resilience and so it had to ensure that suppliers had Covid-19 policies in place. Like other companies interviewed the implemented practical measures to ensure staff safety and Howard Mitchell, a CNC machinist, introduced a one-way walking system to help protect employees.

As packages of yeast and flour disappeared from supermarket shelves across the country in the first weeks of the pandemic, Brandon bought staff members their own supplies so they could make bread at home. In addition to these well-being measures Brandon also arranged for a local sandwich maker, that would otherwise have had to shut, to remain open and supply key workers at Brandon with sandwiches and with no manufacturing personnel being furloughed those lunches were warmly welcomed.