Research and development assistance for manufacturers

R&D can be an very expensive and time consuming process and it is often hard to find people with the right skills to help you through the process. We have identified organisations who specialise in giving the quality of support to help you benefit from the R&D process.

Design Council – Supported by government to identify manufacturing businesses who have ambition and potential for growth, and to work with them to achieve it. Design Assoicates work closely with individual businesses to show them how design, embedded at the heart of the business strategy, can be transformational. They work directly with businesses in a practical, hands-on and engaging way to identify busines challenges and highlight opportunities where design can add real commercial value. More information is available on the Design Council’s website.

West & North Yorkshire Chamber –  Protection of intellectual property is also an important, and often overlooked, part of the R&D process. West & North Yorkshire Chamber have an accredited intellectual property adviser who can help you to understand what IP you have within your business and make recommendations on the best way to protect this valuable asset. More information is available from Scott Sellars on 01274 230074 or via email.

R&D Tax Credits – If your business is involved in research and development into innovation, you may qualify for R & D Tax Credits. If you feel that you could qualify, you should discuss this with your accountant. There is also information available on the HMRC website.

Bradford university can also be a great source of assistance in developing new products, solving production problems or providing students to undertake research and development for you. Information can be found on the university website.