Nilorn and Appris

Over the years we have built a strong and successful relationship with Appris.  We have used them for various training needs from apprenticeships in business admin, warehousing and manufacturing to effective team member skills, CIPD, team leadership and management qualifications.  Our apprenticeship programme with Appris has been extremely successful, out of 37 employees, 3 are currently apprentices and 8 have completed apprenticeships to become fully trained employees.  We are finding more and more that bringing people into our business at this level enables them to gradually absorb skills from more established members of the team (we currently have 283 years’ experience within Nilorn) and with the support of both Appris and Nilorn team members they reach their desired targets within a set amount of time.  Appris have a vast knowledge of our business and employees and this enables them to deliver training in line with our company ethos through clear and specific targets.

Nilorn UK’s Apprenticeship Scheme

Nilorn’s Apprenticeship Scheme is highly successful and is becoming well renowned within the local area. We have built excellent relationships with local schools (Holy Family Catholic School, Parkside School, Oakbank School, South Craven School and Keighley College), and proved to these schools that their past pupils can gain full time jobs in the local area whilst also working towards gaining a qualification and working their way to Managerial level. We visit these schools on a regular basis, presenting in assemblies and classes and attending careers events to raise students’ awareness of the service and products we provide and the fantastic vacancies we have had on offer.

Not only have these past pupils succeeded in their roles here at Nilorn, but they have overwhelmed us with their motivation and desire to help drive the business forward and reach its goals aswell as being involved with all departments and building strong relationships with all employees. We have a number of Apprentices who have quickly worked their way up to Account Manager level and are now managing accounts with just the supervision of Key Account Managers and Line Managers.

As a company we provide hands on training and development aswell as challenging our Apprentices in everything they do to enable them to develop within their role as quickly as possible and strive to be the best they can be. We value our Apprentices so strongly as a business and we would truly be lost without them.

Statements From Current and Past Apprentices

–          Shauna McHugh (Past pupil of Parkside School)

I started off as an apprentice at Nilorn UK over 4 years ago. I completed a qualification in Business Administration for Warehousing and Storage. The support I have received from Nilorn is phenomenal, they are very caring and supportive to all staff in progressing their career. They enrolled me onto a Team Leader course with Appris two years ago and gave me the opportunity to expand my confidence and career. A year later I was given the opportunity to start a Management course with Appris, which I am still currently in the process of completing.

Appris are extremely helpful and knowledgeable on their courses, I feel like I am gaining and have gained a lot of experience learning with them. My aspirations to become Nilorn’s Despatch Manager has been fully supported by both Nilorn and Appris and hopefully by the middle of 2016 I will have full confidence and knowledge in taking over the role.

–          Scott Russell (Past pupil of South Craven School)

I joined Nilorn UK’s apprenticeship scheme in late 2014 after making the decision to move on from school to start my first ever job. The staff at Nilorn UK have been extremely welcoming and have helped me through this transition whilst simultaneously playing a part in growing my confidence and attitude as a young adult. Since joining, I have completed an NVQ in Level 2 Warehousing and Storage and throughout the course my tutor from Appris and the staff at Nilorn UK gave me copious amounts of advice, support and opportunities to expand my knowledge whilst keeping the course interesting and varied. Nilorn UK also gave me the chance to go on a course at Appris to develop my skills as a team member, along with a few colleagues from other departments. This course has definitely helped to boost my confidence and has broadened my skillset when working with others, whilst also being incredibly fun and an enjoyable experience.

Appris are very professional and have assisted me greatly in the shift from being a schoolkid to an employee. I aspire now to become a team leader in my department and whilst Nilorn are giving me the opportunities and chances to eventually work in this role, Appris are giving me the familiarity and confidence to be comfortable for when I do achieve my ambitions.

–          Aoife Hargreaves (Past pupil of Holy Family Catholic School)

I had never really considered doing an apprenticeship but after reading up on the job specification that Nilorn were offering and the Business Administration course, I decided to apply for the position and I started working at Nilorn in July 2014.  I was quite apprehensive to become an apprentice as not all the information I had seen and heard was very positive about how apprentices are treated in the working world, and whether or not doing an apprenticeship would be beneficial to my future.

After being a part of the apprentice scheme, I can say that it was definitely the best option for me and my experience has been amazing! Both Appris and Nilorn have supported me above and beyond my expectations, not only helping me grow and develop my skills whilst working, but also helping me improve academically. The support I have received has been undeniably outstanding! Appris care about you as a person and not just a student which is mirrored by the attitude Nilorn has to their employees. I feel very lucky to have come across two amazing companies that want to help me achieve all my aspirations.

I have grown immensely in the time that I have worked at Nilorn. From starting off as an Office Assistant, I am now the Key Account Manager for both Joules and Superdry and I have just recently started an online degree in Business and Marketing. Without the care and support that I have received from both Appris and Nilorn, I would have never achieved as much as I have. I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done for me.