Finding suitable business premises

Through its partnership with Bradford Council, the Bradford and Airedale Manufacturing Alliance can give businesses access to significant support for those looking to relocate their business. Whether you already trade in the Bradford district and are looking for new business premises or whether you currently operate in another area of the country and are looking to relocate to the Bradford and Airedale area; the Invest in Bradford team is here to help.

Invest In Bradford is a Bradford Council service which works on your behalf to make sure that your company gets the most from being based in the Bradford District. Bradford is a big city and District, and an important economic player within the wider functional economy. Bradford’s population is big (506,800) and, unlike most other places, our population is growing with the 4th largest projected growth in the UK.

Bradford’s economy is big too – the 3rd largest economy in the Yorkshire region producing nearly 10% of the region’s total wealth, through 15,200 business units and 192,100 employees.  Our £7.8 billion economy includes the headquarters of recognised brands and world class businesses such as PACE, Morrisons, Yorkshire Building Society and Hallmark Cards. We also enjoy high business start up rates and self employment.

Bradford has an established enterprise culture, a diverse business base and significant cultural assets coupled with distinctive architecture and an accessible and attractive natural environment with a mixture of city life and significant and attractive rural landscape and communities.  So whether you are looking to set up in our District for the first time or need to relocate within the District as part of your expansion plans, our investment officers can assist.  We have the largest and most up-to-date database of office and industrial accommodation in the Bradford District and we will be happy to undertake a property search on your behalf.

More information on the services of Invest in Bradford can be found on their website.