Ex-pressed Steel Panels secures a licensing agreement with Ford

Ex-Pressed Steel Panels Ltd (ESP) secures licensing agreement with Ford Motor Company

A Yorkshire-based specialist in top quality, hand-finished steel panels for classic cars has announced a prestigious licensing agreement with US multinational the Ford Motor Company. Ex-Pressed Steel Panels already ship worldwide and now the British-made panels will be officially endorsed by Ford.

Ex-Pressed Steel Panels has more than three decades’ industry experience and covers dozens of models of cars in all, supplying hand-finished aluminium and steel panels from its UK-based workshop in Cowling, North Yorkshire.

A spokesperson for Ex-Pressed Steel Panels said: “We are, of course, delighted to have worked out this licensing arrangement, not least because it’s the first deal of its kind to be struck outside the United States.

“We’re looking forward to ensuring classic Ford models look as good as the day they left the showroom. We’re delighted to be making high-quality British goods and believe the move will be excellent for the British automotive industry, and the classic car sector especially.

“All of us are really looking forward to working with such a prestigious company as Ford. They’ve seen our panels and are clearly impressed with what we do, and trust in us to deliver a product equal to the original.”

ESP specialises in manufacturing a broad range of panels for vehicles from the 1950s and later, for lines which have been discontinued. Most of the panels the company produces would otherwise be unobtainable, and bespoke panels can also be created for those vehicles with unique specifications.

Models such as the Anglia, Capri, Consul, Zodiac and others will be among those Ex-Pressed will fit with panels, alongside the Cortina, Escort, Sierra and Granada, all with Ford’s seal of approval.