MPM take part in a Careers Panel to help the next generation

Ben Wilson, the MD of MPM, was invited to take part in a careers panel at Hanson School to help students gain an insight into the various career journeys, key skills needed for employment, and the differing roles available within business.

The event, held at Hanson Comprehensive School, provided an effective way for students to learn real life stories about the different career paths open to them. The students asked pre-designed questions to the panel, which consisted of 5 local businesses from a range of sectors. These questions sparked discussion around key topics that provided a great debate and allowed students to understand and visualise what their career paths could look like in each sector.

Ben said, “It is fantastic to be able to help the next generation at this important stage within their development and dispel the myths surrounding manufacturing as a career path. In October, a Festival is taking place in Leeds which will focus on careers in the manufacturing sector. I am sure that this Leeds manufacturing Festival will add to what we have discussed in this panel and show a new face of Manufacturing today.”

One of the students that participated said, “Today has helped me, the information given was very informative about the different routes available. I also learned that you can do anything if you have a positive attitude.”