Women in Engineering Day hosted by GESIPA® GB- Kei

Students participating in the day’s acitivities

On 26 April 2018, GESIPA® GB- Kei hosted Women in Engineering Day in collaboration with other local engineering companies Keighley Laboratories, Produmax and DePuy Synthes to promote engineering as a career choice among young girls.

A group of 18 girls aged 14-17 participated in an engineering information day. The event was hosted by GESIPA® GB- Kei and was divided into two sessions. First half of the event entailed workshop conducted by Depuy, medical devices and solution provider and also presentations by Diana Scholefield, Debbie Mellor and Gill Pybus, representing the companies and showcasing their journey in engineering. This was followed by a question & answer round that gave young girls an opportunity to ask questions from all the women engineers present from GESIPA, Keighley Laboratories Limited, Produmax, and DePuy Synthes. Finally, women engineers from GESIPA® GB- Kei took the girls for the factory and demonstration tour. On the tour they had a chance to learn about different departments and understand the process of making blind rivets and threaded fasteners. In the factory, Elisha Blackwell and Karolina Brudderik, explained to the girls about tooling and machine operation in their respective departments.

The second half of the event was a walk-in session for girls to accompany their parents. This session was to focus on parents and help them understand and promote engineering as career choice for their daughters.

We received really good feedback from both girls and their parents. “I found it really interesting learning about four different types of engineers and their views”; “It was an eye opener for how many different things are there into engineering”, were some of the feedback received from young future engineers. “The event was fantastic and the advice given about focusing on strengths and a range of companies covering various fields of engineering was very inspiring”, said one of the parents.

Women make up only 24% of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) fields. Events like these take our society a step closer to changing that percentage and perception of our future generation.