The new Praxis prototype?

Subhaan Ali has joined Bradford and Airedale Manufacturing Alliance member Praxis PrototypesSubhaan Ali as their new packaging design apprentice.

Praxis Prototypes has 38 years’ experience of designing packaging mainly in fibreboard, for the food, cosmetic, toiletry tobacco and drink industries. Praxis offers better packaging solutions, taking into account realistic methods of production where appropriate. They can even offer clients a full 3D model of the packaging.

Starting in September, Subhaan had spent two years at Northumbria University studying design for industry but felt it wasn’t challenging enough for him and so he left, gaining a zero hour contract in a local warehouse.

Confessing to being obsessed with cars and music, Subhaan realised he needed a better future and earning potential than a zero hour contract and so he started to research apprenticeships.

Applying for the position at Praxis Prototypes, Subhaan met with the Director Angelo Clark and they immediately hit it off.

Angelo has designed board based packaging for major food companies including packaging for chocolates which might be presented at an “Ambassador’s reception!” He says, “Praxis is excellent at board based packaging design but Subhaan brings experience of packaging design in plastics, glass and foam and is particularly adept at graphics, which is where we see the future of the company. I am training Sabhaan by letting him off the leash to let his mind run free to find solutions. If the ideas stop, I’m there to try to start them again. It’s not about teaching but about giving Subhaan the confidence to put his own ideas forward. He is already contributing around 25% input to our new packaging designs.”

As part of the apprenticeship, Subhaan is spending time within other companies learning things such as fancy box coverings, production machinery and digital printing. He has even shown clients around Praxis Prototypes when Angelo wasn’t available,

The last word has to go to Sabhaan, “I’m really enjoying my apprenticeship at Praxis Prototypes, my life has turned around a fair bit.”