D2 Bearings clinches exclusive distributorship

Bradford and Airedale Manufacturing Alliance member D2 Bearings has gained an ex
clusive contract to supply Mupo Race Suspension for performance motorbikes.

David Croft, the MD of D2 is heavily involved in Endurance Series and Century Racing. These races take place over six to eight hours, with three drivers
changing places for the non- stop races.

During his networking in the paddock (a little like the pits in formula one), D2David realised that there was a synergy between the existing supply of bearings for the motorbikes and the supply of suspension systems. As he already used Mupo Race Suspension, he decided to approach the company to become the exclusive supplier to the UK market.

After an extensive inspection and visit by the Italian company, Mupo offered D2 the exclusive dealership for the UK.

Kevin Kershaw, Sales Manager at D2 said, “The Chamber and the Manufacturing Alliance have been a great source of help to the company and  we want to continue giving back to the local economy. With this deal we expect to create at least two further jobs, one in marketing and one in the warehouse to cope with the expected increased demand.”